Building Bone Density and Fighting Osteoporosis!!!

I am sure many of you especially you woman out there have worried at some point in your life about Osteoporosis. So why is it so important to build up our bone density as children, young adults, and why is it so important to maintain it once we reach adulthood? Well with 206 bones in our bodies making up our skeletal system we need to make sure we have a healthy, strong structure to help support our bodies. You can maintain strong healthy bones by getting the recommended amount of calcium vitamin De and being physically active, as well as maintaining a proper body weight for your height.

With our obesity rates rising in both young adults and in our children our risk of Osteoporosis is rising, more then likely due to the lack of exercise, and poor nutritional habits. Foods are more processed then ever before and instead of going for a glass of milk we tend to grab a soda. It is quiet sad really yet it is the truth!

When we are younger this is the time that we are to strive to reach our peak bone mass because once we hit around age 30 we have accumulated about 40% of our total bone mass. . This is something to be more and more aware of even if you, like me have brushed it aside and think, “oh Osteoporosis, this will never happen to me, that happens to other people but not me.” It is best to take all precautions!

Unfortunately it is our youth today who suffer the most and almost blindly because as adults, parents, mentors, leaders of our youth we are setting our future up for such major health problems. We tend to think “They are young they can afford to eat this, they will burn that off’ yet in all reality what we are feeding them today is fueling their bodies for the future and dictating their adult health problems. Do we set our kids up for success or failure?

Studies show that children who consume 3 cups of milk and/or dairy foods per day, plus are physically active for at least 1 hour every day are more likely to maintain strong and healthy bones.

So I have shared my heart about kids of our future and why it is important for them to eat right and exercise to prevent Osteoporosis. Lets talk a little bit about what Osteoporosis is and the things that you can do to increase your bone density to prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is basically loss of tissue in the bones causing them to become very weak, fragile, and brittle. In woman especially the risk of Osteoporosis goes up as we age. Typically for woman after menopause and the hormones change.  Women are twice as likely to develop Osteoporosis then men are. There are other factors that cause your chance of developing this disease and these would be things like smoking, old age, ethnicity, family history, being extremely thin, excess caffeine, low calcium intake, eating disorders, early menstruation, and/or late menopause and a sedentary lifestyle.

There are some key factors though to help prevent Osteoporosis for happening to you or even someone you love.  Getting in plenty of Vitamin D. This will help absorb Calcium. This can come from our fresh foods such as Salmon, and Eggs. Also get plenty of sunshine at least 10-15 minutes of time in the sun with arms and face exposed without sunblock, as our bodies will produce vitamin D on its own. We also need Calcium for the to help make strong bones. If you are not much into dairy or are lactose intolerant you can get your sources of dairy from Quinoa, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Dark Leafy Greens, Chai Seeds, Black Strap Molasses (if you are brave enough), Oranges, Beans, Broccoli, Dried Fruits and nuts, and Dried Herbs.

Besides eating a healthy diet one of the best ways to fight osteoporosis is to exercise on a regular basis. However not all exercising is the same. It must be considered a weight bearing exercise to have benefits to build bone density and help fight osteoporosis. Some types of exercises that you can do would be Weight Training, Running Stairs, Jump Roping, Running, Hiking, Plyometric Training, and even Body Weight Exercises. Things like cycling and swimming studies are finding can actually reduce your bone density, especially in cyclists.

As you can see it is important to prevent bone loss with age and we can do this by eating healthy and by exercising with weight bearing exercises. If we can prevent bone loss or even reverse the bone loss then we will be less likely to have hip fractures or other broken bones as we age. If you would like more information on Osteoporosis, training with osteoporosis, or just simply have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


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