Exercising Through The Holiday’s

As many of you are well aware of, the holidays are the busiest time of the year! Everyone, everywhere, hustling and bustling about as if time is running out, wish we could all stop time! We have to buy this, we have to cook this, we have to attend this party, we have to pick our kid up from soccer, and go grab the other from band, get home cook dinner, rush out the door to get both kids to dance, oh wait we forgot homework! You get it right? Life is so crazy as it is and we are trying to add in the holidays with endless parties and extra cooking and shopping and family, all things we love and don’t want to give up on and I am not asking you to. However, I am saying that their needs to be a balance somewhere in your life or the holidays just may end up driving you nuts!

So here are a few things that may help you survive the holidays and yes even manage to throw in some you time and keep that figure over the holidays and not wake up one day to find someone has stolen your body 😉 haha!

1. The first thing I can recommend is to ADMIT that you are going to be busier during the holidays. Just simply knowing this can alleviate some of your stress. IF you remember what added stress can do to our bodies. It can produce a bad little hormone called Cortisol in your body, which will add weight around your midline.

2. Make a WORKOUT PLAN. If you write a plan you may be more likely to stick with it. However may I suggest that instead of your normal 60-minute routine, schedule yourself only a 30-minute workout every day. Then if you have more time great, give yourself extra credit points and not only did you get your scheduled workout in you now feel really good because you did more then what your schedule says.

3. BREAK UP your workouts. You can even break up your workouts into 10-minute increments. Remember you do not have to get 6o minutes all at once to see the benefits of getting a workout in. 10 minutes of moderate to high intensity 3 x per day is just as beneficial as a lower intensity 60 minute workout.

4. Workout with FAMILY and FRIENDS. During this time of the year we either have company or we go visit family and friends. Don’t let this be an excuse to not workout. Promote health and wellness to them as well. Go out for a walk while visiting, get them a week pass to your gym and have them come workout with you. Do active activities before a meal, a game of tag football, or go have a snowball fight if you live in or are visiting the snow.

5. PARKING in the back of the parking lot. Don’t drive around looking for a spot, not only does this waste time and create frustration during these busy times but it will burn less calories. Instead B-line your way to the back of the parking lot where you know it is less crowded and you are more then likely to find a parking space. Now you get to walk further into the store burning those extra calories

6. POWER SHOPPING is a great way to burn more calories. So you are at the Mall you have done your long walk from the back of the parking lot and you are feeling warmed up. Now let the power shopping begin! This is what I would consider speed walking, power walking from store to store getting the things you need. When done and you have bags in hand do an extra lap upstairs and downstairs before you leave just for those few extra calories. Cooling down as you slowly walk back to your car.

7. Never ending CHORES. We all have them and will always have them so why not find ways to make your chores a workout. Lunges down the hallway, running up the stairs to change the clothes over, run down the stairs as we have to go put the dishes away – Make a game out of it 5 squats for every bowl, 2 counter pushups for every plate, 10 Ice skaters for every fork, etc. You could be creative on what may be fun to you. Do your favorite exercises while doing the chores you dislike the most.

8. Last…Take an HONEST Look at Your Schedule. Do not try to squeeze too much into your schedule. During the holidays as Americans we have the tendency to stuff stuff stuff more and more onto our plates. Instead this year try to see what you can actually take out. Don’t forget about your workouts leave those in place, change them up a little maybe, but keep them, however look to see if there is anything else that you may be able to set aside for the holidays and come back to after the holidays season has passed us by. This is a time to enjoy family and friends not to be so busy and stressed out that we cannot even remember the true meaning of the holidays! I will leave you with this one question….How are you going to fit your workouts into your Holiday Schedule this year to avoid the unwanted holiday weight gain?

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