Am I able to workout while I am pregnant? This is a question for some who know the answer and for others do not. Some find out they are pregnant and are afraid to workout because they are afraid of harming the baby, or losing the baby. Then there are others who are afraid of gaining to much weight and workout really hard during the pregnancy and do not eat enough for the baby to get the adequate nutrition. So what is there right answer here, yes of course you can workout while you are pregnant, unless your Doctor has advised otherwise. In fact you are going to be encouraged to workout for many reasons that we will discuss in this article. Let’s dive into this subject and hope you learn a thing or two, or set your mind at ease about you and your babies health!

Now when it comes to working out, you always need to make sure you have the go-ahead from your OB-GYN before beginning or continuing an exercise program. For most woman it is okay to begin or even continue working out their advanced and even challenging workouts if it was something they were doing before. The most important thing is to always listen to your body and to communicate with your Dr. Once you do have the go ahead from your Dr. There are some thing to keep in mind throughout your pregnancy. Continue reading

This is a question I hear all the time when I first meet with many of my clients. “When is the best time of the day for me to workout?” There are many variables to consider before asking this question.

The first question I would ask is, “When are you most motivated?” This is important because sticking to any exercise program whether it be am, pm, afternoon, or even middle of the night for those on graveyards, because consistency is key to having the most effective results.

Second I would ask is, “What stands in your way of keeping you from getting to the gym?” If you are most motivated at 2p, yet you have to pick your kids up from school at 2p, obviously that is not the time you will put going to the gym on your schedule.Continue reading

Today many Americans are suffering from poor posture caused by periods of sitting. In our society today we spend countless hours at a desk, behind a computer, in front of a TV, sitting and visiting with our family and friends. In fact most Americans today have some kind of job where they are sitting. All of this is creating wear and tear on our bodies and developing muscle imbalances that are creeping in. The common posture of someone who is sedentary all day has rounded shoulders, an anterior tilt in there pelvis, a forward head, their knees cave in, and their feet turn out. Unlike in the past, we used to be on our feet more, hunting, working the fields, our own yard work. Now we say we live to busy lives and technology makes it so we do not have to be so demanded Continue reading

What is safe to eat? There are so many foods out there, even those we think are healthy for us because we see the labels, “No Trans Fats”, “Reduced Sodium”, “Natural”, or “Organic”, plus other labels that are put on food to entice us into thinking we are buying something that is healthy. It is all marketing, how the companies are pulling you in and more then ever how you have to be on top of your game and know what to look for. Don’t fall for the marketing tricks just because it sounds like it it is going to be good for you buy looking at the product. No, read the label!

If you are going to buy processed foods then here are some things you should know when it comes to reading the label: Continue reading

I am not going to write a lot on this subject because I was recently sent a very informative article. This really opened my eyes even more on why making sure if you are going to buy organic food you want to make sure it is certified organic. This is a long read however such a great read that I really suggest taking the time to read through the whole article.

Which do you think is better, organic or natural, are they they same? These are questions to ask yourself. Read this article to find out. Click here to read.

Well we made it back from our trip, and despite how great of a trip it was, I am so glad it is over. No matter how healthy a fast food chain claims to make something on their menu it is still processed and really is not that great for you. I came back feeling really sluggish, tired, irritable, bloated, and just plain BLAH! So I am sure you have all been waiting to see the cost of what I spent on food.

Week 1 of being at home going grocery shopping, eating mostly non processed foods, buying our fruits and veggies, lean meats, whole grain breads, and brown rice, dairy and eggs we spent: $171.81, Let me tell you when we left on our vacation we had to tell my brother and sister-n-law to come get some of the fruit’s and veggies that were going to go bad before we left. We also had enough stuff after the week to pack on our trip for snacks. So $171.81 didn’t only buy us food for one week, it bought us food for longer, but we will say it is just for this week.

Week 2, being on the road, what a tough trip for me. For my husband not as much but for me to eat out is really tough! My body does not do very well on processed foods so this was a very challenging trip. I packed my snacks like fruit, yogurts, protein bars, etc. Even with the snacks packed stopping and eating out still cost us quite a bit, we spent: $209.21 This was a 5 day trip, can you imagine the cost of a whole week of a trip like this. Plus did we have food left over in our fridge, nope! Was it healthy for us, nope! We spent this much on food and for what, nothing with good nutritional value. I can only imagine what it would do to our bodies if we would continue eating like this how horrible we would feel all the time, yet so many American’s live their lives this way. Why, because they are under the false notion that it is cheaper to eat fast food or to eat unhealthy processed foods. Please read the attached article on processed foods vs eating meats, fruits, and veggies. it is a great article and worth reading the whole thing that I didn’t want to pull just bits and pieces from it. Healthy Food’s No More Costly Than Junk Food, Government Finds”

Now I hope you all can see that American’s need to really step up to the plate and change their eating habits, and their exercise habits. We have no more excuses as to why we can not be healthy. It is not genetics, you can change your life if you really want to, I am more than willing to help if you have questions, or want to get started on a fitness program. Simply contact me at or on my Contact Me Page and fill out the form. If you want to dig deeper into your nutrion please do not hesitate to contact Cassidy Linder with Turning Point Wellness, let her get you going in the right direction and figure out what best meets your nutrition needs. Let’s change America as being the most obese country, are you willing to do something today?

I decided to make this a two part blog because I am going to be traveling all this week and what better way to tell you the cost of eating out versus eating at home then my own personal experience. We will be on the road for almost a week and eating out will be almost an every meal type of thing seeing how we will not have a kitchen to cook our food. Of course we will pack as much snacks as we can that will not go bad on our trip, however this will be similar to what many Americans do on a daily basis. At least one meal is out and then they buy some quick processed foods that they can take with them.

Here is a great definition of processed foods that I couldn’t agree more with. “…processed food is any real food that has been altered in any way in order to lower its production cost, lengthen its shelf life, make it look more appealing, or make you want to eat more of it, and that results in the reduction of its nutritional content and/or the increase of toxins.” *1 Continue reading

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of five nerve roots that give rise to the sciatic nerve or by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve itself. Generally speaking it is pain in the lower back, glutes, leg and foot. The pain may be in one of those places or all of them and can be mild or very severe. Someone with Sciatica may also feel numbness, and may experience muscular weakness causing difficulty moving or controlling the leg. Typically the symptoms are on one side of the body.

Although Sciatica is a relatively common form of low back pain and leg pain, the true meaning of the term is often misunderstood. Sciatica is a set of symptoms rather than a diagnosis for what is irritating the root of the nerve, causing the pain. This point is important, because treatment for Sciatica or sciatic symptoms will often be different, depending upon the underlying cause of the symptoms.

What are the causes of Sciatica?Continue reading

Hello to all,

Well it has been a long 2 weeks with almost no computer. First going from mine working intermittently to not working at all. I am slowly getting all back online and everything up and running the way it was. I had to purchase a new computer and went from a PC to a Mac. With that comes learning new programs and transferring files and everything. Please bear with me as all of this will be a process to get fully back up and running.

I will start back up my weekly blogs and questions of the week as soon as I am fully online and have learned how to do everything. I am leaning toward starting in May, hopefully it will be sooner! Keep checking back for any changes to the site in the meantime and I will update all of you hopefully soon! Again my apologies for not being on here, however sometimes our technology world fails us. I will be back to my weekly posts as soon as possible! Until then eat healthy, workout hard, and enjoy life.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by signing my Contact me Page.

Are you an Apple or a Pear? Some of you are probably going huh, what in the world are you even talking about. I am talking about your Waist to Hip Ratio (WH R). Waist to hip ratio simply what it says it is. You determine WHR by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference both in Inches. Your waist is the smallest of your midsection between your belly button and your ribcage. Your hips the largest part of the hips and glute area.

So think about my first question again, which do you think you are? To figure out what you are follow this formula: Waist ________ / Hip ________ =Continue reading