Serving All of Ventura County
I train at various parks and beaches on nice days (which is most). I also travel to clients houses or have clients come to my home*

New times and schedule for Fall/Winter

Mon – Fri -8a-3p

Services Offered

1-on-1 Personal Training

  • 6 Month Contract paid in full receive a 10% discount.
  • 12 Month Contract paid in full receive 20% discount.

6 Week Golf Program 

Designed to Prevent Injuries, Improve Range of Motion, Improve Power, and Lower your Handicap!

Includes: 2 Golf Fitness Assessments: One at the beginning of your 6-week program, then one at the end of your program to assess your progress. An individually designed, 6-week program, with pictures and descriptions of the exercises specific to improving your imbalances. This program’s intended to be done 2-3 times per week, on your own for the improvement of your game.  4 One-on-One Private Personal Training Sessions to be used once weekly for a 4 week period. For best results combine the at home Golf Specific Program. Contact Me for more information and to sign up.

“Katrina was great to work with, and her ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses is spot on. I highly recommend her as she helped both me, and my golf students. I saw changes in my student’s range of motion and power after working with Katrina.”

Dave Boivin – PGA WWC – PGA Teacher of the Year 2012


Online Training 

  • Skype One-on-One Training
  • Zoom One-on-One Training

Muscle Imbalnce Test/Corrective Exercise Programs

Ever wonder what imbalances you have in your body? They could be keeping you from having your best golf swing, or feeling good on your run, preforming your best in the weight room, they can keep you from losing weight, even just your every day activity is affected by your imbalances in your body.

I perform a series of test looking for muscular imbalances in your body. Based on what I see, I will write an uniquely designed corrective exercise program strictly for you, to correct the imbalances in your body to help your performance, help you feel better, and to help you prevent injuries.

Once we have completed the muscle imbalance test and you have received your corrective exercise program you can either do the program yourself or continue to train with me to ensure proper form and effectiveness.

Keep checking back in for changes, group classes, or Web Specials!

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