“I have been training with True Fitness By Katrina for about 3 year and still get excited about every workout!  Katrina has taught me so much about fitness, nutrition, and how the body works as a whole.  Because of Katrina’s encouragement and continually challenging workouts, I can do things I never thought I could have done.  I have increased my strength, become more flexible, corrected muscle imbalances, improved in eating what is best for my body, and am more confident in myself all thanks to Katrina.  She has helped me work through the healing process of injuries and created workouts that kept me moving toward my goal without aggravating the problem area.  Her knowledge, ability to create different and exciting workouts, desire to do what is best for her clients, and focus on ensuring clients maintain proper form to protect the body from injury all make her a terrific trainer.  I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to train with Katrina!”

Wendy Paul


I have taken Xanax my whole adult life for anxiety and racing thoughts. Since I was a child, I have had trouble sleeping and at times only average four hours of sleep. I have taken OTC drugs such as Melatonin and prescription drugs such as Ambien. In the last couple years, I began to get a “hang over” feeling from both and thought that I may have to deal with this affliction forever. Katrina being the super involved trainer that she is by treating her clients from the inside out, she recommended that I use Lavender essential oil. I am not one to believe in holistic healing but I thought I would try it and was completely surprised at how well it helped me sleep at night by just putting a couple drops on my pillow and chest. I still continued to use Xanax as needed for anxiety and racing thoughts.

Let’s skip forward to Katrina suggesting that the child I nanny use Vetiver for concentration issues as a symptom of ADD. His parents don’t want to medicate him but his disorder is causing him to fail school. The very first day we used the Vetiver my little guy was doing way better! We got homework done an hour early and I wasn’t constantly asking him to stop tilting his chair back or playing with something. His teacher noticed a difference too!

I had seen these essential oils working so well that I chose to go off my Xanax and started to use Lavender Oil as needed instead. I called Katrina during a very stressful time in my life and she suggested, based on her research, that I use the Lavender Oil orally 2 drops every 15 minutes until the anxiety subsided. I only took the two drops once and then again 6 hours later! It was amazing how fast the tightness in my chest went away, and how less focused I was on the issue I was stressed about! The Lavender Oil has a different effect than the Xanax, even though I use it for sleep, I was not at all tired! I didn’t feel out of it at all, I actually felt more clear! I’m so glad I have such a good trainer that is in-tune with my body and healing every aspect of it. Thank you Kat for turning me on to Young Living Essential Oils!

Amber Quirarte

“Katrina really showed me what my body could do! I’ve fallen in love with strength training and having fun seeing the results as continue to see muscles that I didn’t realize I had. Training with the TRX was a blast; I’ve never had so much fun working out before! Thanks again for everything, Katrina!”

Caitlin Struble
I love the outdoor workout you gave me. It is my favorite weight routine ever!

Amy Ring

I met Katrina through a golf program at Seattle Athletic Club. I am an avid golfer and squash player. Ever since I started playing Squash 6 years ago at age 40, I have struggled with back pain, which negatively affected my squash, golf, and life in general. You would think I would just quit playing squash, but I enjoy the workout and the game to much. Instead, I have seen chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists as well as stretched, but the most effective thing I have done was to work with Katrina. In the beginning she gave me an assessment which identified my weaknesses and then she prescribed corrective exercises. She then gave me workouts that were increasingly challenging including TRX suspension training. After several months of working with Katrina I now enjoy golf pain free, I hit the ball farther, and my handicap has dropped three strokes from a 10 to a 7 (the lowest it has ever been). Squash still aggravates my body, but I now know how to manage it with targeted exercises, stretching and foam rolling such that I rarely have back pain anymore.

Tim Smith

“For the past twenty five years, I have been working out three times a week doing cardio only. But as I approached my mid-forties, I found that it was difficult to maintain my weight without spending extra hours at the club. When I met Katrina Yniguez through the weight loss program last fall, she told me that I was working harder than necessary and that I could also maintain my weight through weight training. I was very skeptical but I thought I’d give it a try. After Katrina did a brief evaluation, she could pinpoint which muscles were weak and which ones were compensating, causing problems in my posture. We worked initially on strengthening these muscles when she realized how much pain I had in my hips. In the past two years, I spent thousands of dollars on doctors that told me to expect the pain (I was in an auto accident when I was a teenager). But after working with Katrina, she found out the main cause of my pain and worked with me to solve it. By the sixth session, my hip pain was gone. We are now working on the muscles in my body that haven’t been used in years and I am finding that it is much easier to exercise or just do daily activities now that they are getting stronger. Also to my surprise, I don’t have to work out as hard to maintain my weight. Katrina has totally changed my life with just a few training sessions. It is wonderful to have my life back and live life pain free.”

Diane Marise

A couple of years ago I enrolled in Dave Boiven’s winter golf program. Dave emphasized stretching, posture and balance. He also paid close attention to developing a consistent swing plane. I was surprised that these sessions could make such a difference. You see, our class never once hit a golf ball – instead sticking to the fundamentals of the swing. When I began playing again in early April, I found my iron play was the most accurate I had ever experienced. By mid-summer my handicap had dropped by 5 full strokes – to the lowest point since I had begun playing. I decided to take the course for the next two consecutive winters.

This past Fall I had developed some disabling low-back pain – probably caused by years of long distance running combined with never stretching properly. As a result, I had stopped running altogether and had limited my golf play. I could not execute a full golf swing without considerable pain. I often could not complete the full 18 holes. My handicap ballooned to the highest level in twenty years.

I signed up with Katrina Yniguez as my personal trainer. Katrina carefully experimented with exercises that strengthened my core muscles and significantly increased my range of motion. I have now begun to run again though not as far as before. I have also rejoined my regular foursome in golf and play as frequently as I did before the back pain had intensified. While I must now do a series of exercises every day (or suffer the consequences) the level of pain has diminished markedly and I am no longer restricted in my daily activities. My golf swing has been modified somewhat to minimize the stress on my back, but distance and accuracy have returned. Handicap is dropping rapidly.

Leo Greenawalt


“A TRX workout with Katrina is one of my favorite ways to strength train. The suspended equipment allows for a ton of versatility and option with regard to both upper and lower body exercises. With the guidance of Katrina who oversees correct form, I am able to strength train using my own body weight which feels like a more balanced and effective way to build muscle. Using TRX equipment, I feel less likely to get injured than I do with certain free weights and Cybex equipment. It provides great results and is enjoyable in the process.”

Margi D.

“A couple of years ago I injured my back while training for a marathon. Initially I thought rest and ice would take care of it – it didn’t. I tried going to a chiropractor with no relief. Eventually, my doctor sent me to physical therapy where I received ultrasound treatments and was taught various stretching and strengthening exercises. The PT provided some relief, but I was still frustrated at my lack of progress as I had a nearly constant nagging pain, especially when I sat for long periods. I spent a lot of time self-diagnosing. An article in a running magazine suggested that one common cause of lower back pain in runners was an injury to the piriformis muscle in the lower back and buttocks. It quite literally is described as a “pain in the butt.” I decided this must be it. At the end of 2009, I started working with Katrina Yniguez at SAC. I explained to her my desire to get back to running, and my belief that my piriformus was causing my back pain.

Katrina conducted an assessment of my biomechanics and immediately prescribed some corrective exercises for my leg and back muscles. She also started me foam rolling (deep tissue massage) my piriformus muscle and other muscle groups. At first I thought she was crazy as the exercises she had me doing were very easy and seemingly inrelated to my back. Katrina explained, however, that strengthening these muscle groups would improve my biomechanics and ultimately reduce the risk for future injury. I persisted.

Eventually, Katrina stopped being crazy and started being just plain mean. Although always pleasant and upbeat, she had obviously decided at some point that the corrective exercises were not needed anymore, and it was time to start the hard stuff. Now, twice a week, she puts me through my paces with core-focused exercises that primarily work my back, legs and chest. I never look forward to the tough workouts, but I always am glad that I did them after they are through. The good news? My back pain is almost completely gone and, when it occasionally returns, I know exactly what to do to get rid of it. I’m now back to regular running, pain-free.

I appreciate Katrina’s ability to listen to what I thought was happening to my body and to design a program that would target the needed areas. It has been great working with her. She is great to work with and always has a positive attitude, and I’ve discovered she’s not really that mean (well, she kind of is).”

Matt Latimer

Katrina is the first trainer with whom I’ve ever worked. I was a bit scared getting started, since I tend to shut down when people “bark” at me, as I’ve seen trainers do on television. Katrina quickly put me at ease though, with her friendly, calm and confident manner. Before we even started she collected a great deal of information about my physical issues and goals, and completed a physical assessment of areas of weakness for me. Then she made me work hard, no doubt about that! However, she did so in a supportive, fun, and encouraging way. Our workouts always went by quickly as we had a good time building my strength and working up a good sweat. I highly recommend working with Katrina to anyone looking for a trainer. She is not only highly skilled, but she genuinely cares about her clients.

Beth Marie Miller

“I discovered TRX suspension training for the first time when I saw another club member using it so I wanted to try it out. After my first TRX training with Katrina, I was hooked! TRX uses your body weight and gravity to increase core stability, strength, balance, movement and overall endurance. In a 45 minute workout, TRX strengthens my core muscle groups to the point of fatigue and at the same time providing an amazing cardio workout. TRX is a non-impact resistance training program that provides the same benefits as using weight equipment and machines. TRX has stepped up my fitness level with improving my Pilates, yoga and cardio workouts.”

Cathy Garrison


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